Evolution of Royal Enfield Bikes

The royal enfield journey began in 1891 when Bob Walker Smith and Albert eadie aquired George Townsend & Co a bicycle-making company.

For promotions, they aquired old Maxim machine gun and pinted 'royal Enfield cycles Made Like a gun' around its wheels.

A compact mottorcycle with a Swiss-made, 214 HP V twin  motosacoche engone was introduced by Royal  Enfield in  1901.

During WWII, the British government tasked Royal Enfield with producing military bikes.

In 1995, the Redditch Company joined with Madras Motors in India to develop 'Enfield India"

The legendary continental GT cafe racer was introduced in 1964.

Royal Enfield India begn selling the 350c Bullet to the United kingdom and Europe in 1977.

In 2008, the thunderbird twinspark was launched in India with the new Unit Construction Engine.

The 500 CC UCE engine was introduced in India in 2008. The retro-styled Classic version quickly became popular, and sales grew dramatically.

The Himalayan was introduced by Royal enfield in 2016. It came with an LS410 engine and terrain-tested suspension.