5 Businesses That Requires Only Rs. 1 Lakh To Start

Nowdays, more and more people are looking to quite their jobs ad start a business of their own

In recent times, there have been many new businesses that have started and have been flourishing in the market.

However, it is important to note that it is not necessary to have businesses that are run on a massive scale.

There are many small scale businesses that can be started at a normal cost and can provide good returns.

Here's a look at some small-scale businesses that can be started with an investment of Rs 1 lakh.

Mobile Repair

Nowdays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Apart from repairing, one can also offer phone accessories at the shop.

Courier Business

One can easily tie up with any local courier service company and provide their service. Apart from that, one can also start their own company of shipments, but it has to be started at a smaller level first.

Car Washing

The only thing that the owner should have land of their own. Apart from that, this can also do well in villages, as there are not many car washes in the area.

Flower Business

Flowers are used almost everywhere. From birthdays and anniversaries to funerals, inagurations and more, flowers are sent almost everywhere. It can easily be set up for Rs 1 lakh.

Home Gardening

People are growing plants in their homes and selling them on websites and apps. It requires a minimal investment of Rs 1 lakh and can easily earn profits on a smaller scale